I began to paint some years ago after relocating to Los Angeles from New York City.  I spent years studying the masters; learning the techniques of oil painting, of draping and glazing, and understanding form light and shadow. 
Now, as an abstract painter, the freedom to combine form, color and line on variations of planes thrills me. I currently work in acrylics and mixed media on wood panels and canvas.
My paintings are most often sparked by an experience or a visual event that urges me to share it. Color is at the heart of my process. Shapes; form and lines emerge for balance as I allow the painting to become. Then I search ways to organize the elements with a sense of logic and cohesion.
Finally, I hope that the viewer will relate to these examples of my expression of freedom and joy. 
I live just off the ocean in Los Angeles with no doubt about the environment’s effect on my joy of painting.
For the recent five years I have been studying abstraction and acrylics with ILANA BLOCH, Studio 33, in Culver City, Los Angeles.
I have been accepted as a member of the LOS ANGELES ART ASSOCIATION (LAAA).  My work has been selected by collectors in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, and New York.